Mud In Your Eye

Early Garage Band

This is a band made up of five musicians who are all songwriters, and who gel together as if one.
A lot of the songs were written and recorded in their garage. You can hear that they love playing together,
and the recordings come across honest and full of rock 'n' roll passion. This band preceded The Laughing Dogs.
They came up with great songs, for your listening enjoyment.

Here's Mud In Your Eye

FLASH!! From below the underground - now exclusively on Molehill Records. Never before released, these songs were recorded in the late 1960s and early 1970s. The band features Ronny Carle Altaville and James Leonard Accardi, future founders of The Laughing Dogs. Most of the songs were penned by these two great songwriters, sometimes in collaboration with their friends. Band members included Ronny Altaville, Jimmi Accardi, Barry Taylor, Tony D'onofrio, and John Scaduto, with special guests Bob Gallo and Louie Lofredo.
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CD from the very rare vinyl album. The intriguing story behind it is in the booklet.
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The WORST of Mud In Your Eye

What can we say? This album stinks. It has ridiculous versions of idiotic songs recorded with terrible equipment by a bunch of teenage musicians under the influence of who knows what? This was the first band ever recorded with James Leonard & Ronny Carle of The Laughing Dogs, with their first original songs. Being continually broke, the musicians herein had no access to expensive instruments and high tech equipment, but that didn't stop them. They even resorted to such instruments as paint rollers, coffee cans, and matches. Historic note: When Mud disbanded, all members except Ronnie and Jimmi joined the ministry (no kidding!) Ronny and Jimmi went on to further sin. While we hesitate to claim this music has redeeming virtues, we must admit the insanity is infectious.
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