The Laughing Dogs have mesmerized audiences with their humor, refreshing stage presence, and outstanding performances of excellent original songs. The Dogs enjoyed two critically acclaimed albums on Columbia Records (The Laughing Dogs and The Laughing Dogs Meet Their Makers). Their singles, "Get 'im Outta Town", "Reason for Love", and "Johnny Contender" were in the Billboard picks. Press reviews of The Laughing Dogs have been effusive. One reviewer described their music as a "melodious form of street-wise music . . . a provocative blend of harmonious pop and earthy progressive rock."


After gigs and recording sessions, The Laughing Dogs used to love going out for scungilli and calamari. They wrote a song of love directly to the meat of the conch, scungilli, this album's opening song. There are other never-before-released songs on this CD, along with some rare versions and original demos of well known Dogs songs. Song List Listen & Get Tracks BUY CD

Hot Negro Feet

This is the original version of the Laughing Dogs second album - before presenting it to the record company. The final result was the "Meet Your Makers" album. This previously unreleased version contains songs not on the Columbia album, plus different takes of favorite songs. Song List Listen & Get Tracks BUY CD

Live at The Village Underground

The Laughing Dogs in a unique and intimate performance. This wonderful concert at The Village Underground, New York City, in the summer of 2008, displays their musical genius, humor and performance art with soulful renditions of recent songs and classic hits. If you were there - or if you weren't - you can relive it with the DVD.

Green Dickey and The Spud People

In this 1970s satire, Green Dickey and The Spud People perform at a rock festival with The Wayside Lewis Group and The Original Eyerack Space Module. Let Green Dickey, Eyelash Man, Creem Jamora, and Sleej guide you on a psychedelic trip. Also hear a live track from CBGB's and some early jams in the Dogs' Brooklyn loft. Song List BUY CD

The Laughing Dogs & The Laughing Dogs Meet Their Makers

The two Laughing Dogs Columbia albums have been reissued by American Beat Records and are available now on Amazon! The first album was produced by Bruce Botnik, the second by Peter Kerr. These two albums won enthusiastic reviews and songs in the Billboard charts. Songs: Get 'im Outta Town, Low Life, No Lies, Johnny Contender, Reason For Love, I Need a Million, It's Alright It's Okay, I'm Awake, Round and Round, It's Just The Truth, Get Outta My Way, Zombie, Don't Bring Me Down, Formal Letter, Take My Chances, Not What I Used To Be, Stand Up, Don't Push It, Reach Out For Me, Melody Love, Reason For Wanting You, What Ya Doing It For?, Two Who Are Willing. "This Laughing Dogs two-fer is an essential purchase for any power pop and rock music fan." - Steven "Spaz" Schnee, Rovi

The Laughing Dogs Greatest Hits

This album has the classic Laughing Dogs songs in alternate performances recorded around the same time as the Columbia albums, most of them unissued until now. Seven of them were produced by Eddie Kramer (who produced records for the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, Jimi Hendrix, David Bowie, and Joe Cocker), and engineered by Rob Freeman (who engineered the two Laughing Dogs Columbia albums, also albums for Blondie, Rupert Holmes, The Ramones, KISS, and The Go-Go's). Many of the others were produced at Plaza Sound, where the first Laughing Dogs Columbia album was recorded, between 1977 and 1979. This album is packed with 24 winners! Song List Listen BUY CD

The Laughing Dogs Go West

Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band was The Beatles' concept album; Brian Wilson and The Beach Boys had Smile, which took 30 years before it was finally released in its completed form. The Laughing Dogs had their own concept album, which, after 25 years, is now released in its entirety. The idea for this album came about when the Dogs were on tour backing up The Monkees in 1977 in Reno. Everyone was gambling their pay away, and the fantasy arose that we would run out of money, become addicted to gambling, sell our equipment, and gamble that money away also, until we were broke and could not go home any more. So began the song "Stuck in Reno". Yeah... we go west, go broke, can't go home, starve to death and reincarnate...all in one album! A few of these songs were considered for The Laughing Dogs Meet Their Makers (the second Columbia album) and were also released on a Dogs compilation album (which is no longer available) but with inferior sound quality. This is the first time you will hear the whole story in all its digitally remixed and remastered glory! Includes 16 new releases and some surprises. Listen to Tracks & Download BUY CD

The Laughing Dogs Live in Concert

Available for the first time, including 22 never-before-released tracks! Live radio broadcasts and performances everywhere from small clubs to large concerts: Max's Kansas City, Gildersleeves, The Bottom Line, The Ratskeller, Saturday's, My Father's Place, CBGB's, and other Dogs venues. Includes interviews. This is truly the best of the Laughing Dogs live, taken from the original analog recordings and remastered by Jimmi Accardi. Very good sound quality. (Includes bar fight. Some language may be objectionable.) Song List Listen to Tracks & Download BUY CD

Hidden Bones

Recent release - excellent sound quality! This album is a collection of Laughing Dogs songs originally written in the 1970s but never released. Lots of good rock 'n' roll and the same great songwriting characteristic of their first two Columbia albums. Includes "New Friends", "Over and Over", "The Black Fog", "Talk To Me", "Working Girl", "Love Is a Mystery", "Monsters in the Country", "Love Finds a Way", and 11 more hits. The songs have been digitally remastered. Every song is a gem. Song List Listen & Get Tracks BUY CD iTunes CD Baby

When Do We Eat?

This album contains 18 rare but fine Laughing Dogs originals, running the whole range from tender love songs to raucous humor and pounding rock 'n' roll. It includes special guests Ronny Ardito (of The Shirts), Richard X. Heyman, Don Castagnio, and Max Sheen. Two songs feature Carter Cathcart on drums. It's a good inclusion in your Laughing Dogs collection. Song List Listen & Get Tracks BUY CD CD Baby

The Laughing Dogs: Roots, Volume I

Roots, Volume I contains early compositions by Ronny Carle and James Leonard of The Laughing Dogs, recorded from 1970 to 1973. Here listeners can enjoy some of the great songwriting the group later became famous for. These are truly great songs, never before heard! The CD booklet also has entertaining and interesting stories of their early improvisational recording techniques. Song List Listen & Get Tracks BUY CD CD Baby

The Laughing Dogs: Roots, Volume II

Roots, Volume II contains early music by The Laughing Dogs, with great unreleased songs written by the Ronny Carle / James Leonard songwriting team. Some songwriting gems here! The album features drummer Skip Reed and keyboard player Carter Cathcart, along with guest musician Dean Bailin. Song List Listen & Get Tracks BUY CD CD Baby

The Laughing Dogs Live at CBGB's

Good times, good tunes in these exciting live CBGB's performances from the 1970s. Hear the Dogs doing their Auntie Em comedy act, parody of the Three Stooges, and more. There are some well-known tunes and some songs not released elsewhere. (Since there is a lot of live interaction with the crowd, there is a bit of rough language some may find objectionable.) Song List Listen & Get Tracks BUY CD

Great Italian Love Songs of the '50s

No, it's not songs like "That's Amore" and "O My Papa". These are original songs that came out when the Laughing Dogs decided to record an album in one take, in 1992. This CD features one full hour of The Laughing Dogs at their most spontaneous live recording session ever: 22 songs that were recorded as they were being created. This is the real thing! It's intimate, funny, hard rockin', melodic, sick, and extremely well done. (It even comes with Italian recipes.) No rehearsal and all first takes make this a one-of-a-kind for The Laughing Dogs. Guest artists include Artie Lamonica (of The Shirts), Young Jim (of Lick the Devil), and Popa Chubby. A classic! (Note: Some possibly objectionable language.) Song List Listen & Get Tracks BUY CD

The Long Lost Night

The Long Lost Night was recorded in New York City, 1994 at the famous Pink Crayon Studio. Unlike Great Italian Love Songs, this album presents a polished performance. The Dogs' optimism shines throughout, from the spiritual insights of "The Long Lost Night" and "Children After Me" to the silly humor of "Coo Coo Papa" and "Stomach Man". Guest musicians include Adam Roth, Joe Biedwell, Paul Vercasi, and Eddy Dixon. Song List Listen BUY CD iTunes CD Baby

Joe Head

The idea of the Joeheads was a chance to "lose your ego". The anonymity of the mask gave the wearers more freedom to say and do things they never would without the mask to protect them. We noticed that when people put them on, they would lose their hangups, become less self-conscious, loosen up, dance better, act like idiots, and just have a good time. The Laughing Dogs used to hand them out at concerts, and everybody had a lot of fun with them. Want one?

The Laughing Dogs Out Of Their Minds!

Rare outtakes, studio madness, irreverent banter, creative insanity, raw and uncensored off-color jokes, childish stupidity, and good music too. These are unguarded moments in the studio that were captured on tape. For diehard fans only! "Although the selections on this CD are not for the faint of heart, they are presented with love and gratitude to those who bought our records and came to our shows, because it is they who truly knew how out of our minds we really were ... and are!" - Carter Cathcart Song List BUY CD

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