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Healing Touch

These instrumental pieces are especially suited for quiet moments: meditation, reflection, massage, and healing touch. Hear & Download Tracks Get the CD

Songs From Another World

Jimmi says, "All of this music is captured at the moment of its creation. We disengaged our rational brains and allowed everything to flow through. Perhaps that is why a good deal of the lyrics are indistinguishable, or maybe in a foreign or alien language. In any case, the songs I personally selected for this compilation are ones that got their hooks into me and wouldn't let go, even after all these years. They begged to be revisited!" This CD is from the SmogOps Canteen, recorded by The Free Galaxians (E.J. Gold, Jimmi Accardi, and Bob Bachtold). Hear & Download Tracks Get The CD


This collection of instrumentals performed by The Free Galaxians (E.J. Gold, Bob Bachtold, and Jimmi Accardi) is compiled from many different recording sessions and is a sampling of some of their best efforts - designed to guide the listener through a panorama of musical moods. Hear & Download Tracks Get the CD

Without Words

These reflective instrumental improvisations touch on many musical styles, including Baroque, classical, Spanish, and jazz - with modern instrumentation. Have a cup of tea and get in the mood. Hear & Download Tracks Get the CD

Moving Meditation

This music is specially composed and arranged to support and accompany meditative activities such as sacred dance, massage, mime, martial arts kata, sitting, drinking tea, painting, weaving, building pyramids, sanding wood . . . Titles Get the CD


Soothing, relaxing classical guitar music played by Margaret Iredell. There are selections from Bach, Sor, Tarrega, and others. Art by Margaret Iredell. Hear & Download Tracks Get the CD

Life In The Labyrinth

"When I recorded Life in the Labyrinth, my aim was to use musical instruments to produce certain specific moods with which the listener might resonate and, as a result, be steered toward the corresponding Macrodimensional Chambers within which these moods are the reality." Titles Get the CD

Song for Inanna

Inanna, Queen of Heaven and Earth, is the most important goddess of the Sumerian pantheon in ancient Mesopotamia. She is goddess of love, fertility, and war. Inanna travels to the underworld, in a story where she symbolizes transformation through death and rebirth. She is connected with the planet Venus, and her symbol is an eight-pointed star. As Great Mother she gives life to the waxing and waning moon. She is also connected with the stone lapis lazuli, which she wore on her journey to the underworld. She is often portrayed as a richly dressed goddess or a naked woman cupping her breasts. One of her gifts is the art of lovemaking. She is also pictured driving a chariot pulled by lions, sometimes followed by a pack of hunting dogs, or as a goddess of war with bow and quiver. Another symbol she is associated with is the caduceus, two snakes coiled around a staff. Her fertility is symbolized by red colored eggs or bundles of wheat. The Akkadians called her Ishtar. These musical compositions follow the mythical story of Inanna, her marriage, her journey to the land of the dead and back, and the blessings she bestows on the Earth and all living beings. They are given in homage to the goddess nature within us all. Titles Get the CD

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